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See what the Drama Group has been up to in the past 50-odd years!


1976 – “The Man of Destiny” by George Bernard Shaw & “Barnstable” by James Saunders

The Man of Destiny After his victory at the Battle of Lodi Napoleon is resting at an Italian Inn. One of his Lieutenant appears and tells him that the dispatches he was carrying have been stolen by a young man. When Napoleon threatens to kill the Lieutenant, he tells him that he can hear the […]

1975 – “Juno and the Paycock” by Sean O’Casey

The play follows the fortunes of the impoverished Boyle family in the grim slums of Dublin during the Irish civil war of 1922-23. Representing all facts of Irish character, a gruesome death and the the grim reality of tennement life throws into relieve the Irish swagger and rhetoric of the men struggling for Irish indepence. […]


1974 – “Happy Birthday, Wanda June” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Big time war hero Harold Ryan returns home after being presumed dead for years. During the war he has killed hundred of men, women and animals together with his friend Colonel Harper, an aviation hero who was responsible for dropping the bomb on Nagasaki. Ryan needs to find out that his wife has found multiple […]