1983 – “The Death of Humpty Dumpty” by Graham Reid

Posted on: May 12, 1983

‘The Death of Humpty Dumpty’, which was first presented in Dublin in 1979, is based on Graham Reid’s personal experience in a Belfast hospital.
“Graham Reid has written a play about or around the Northern conflict which transcends all the political and humanitarian cliches which have been trotted out over the last decade. It takes a microscopic look at one of the victims of violence who survives the obscenity of his wounds only to wake up in a living hell” – Irish Press-


George SampsonBrian Geiger
Heather SampsonSigrid Piepl
David SampsonAndreas Steinbichler
Mary SampsonAstrid Richtsfeld
Judith SampsonSandra Holzer
Gerald DoyleJim Muckle
Sister ThompsonAngelika Zillner
Willie JohnRichard MacDonald
Caroline WilsonMichaela Pramhas
Martin FergusonRobert Schwandl
DoctorMaria Palka


Stage Management
Helmut Riedl
Clodagh Riedl
PromtressEdith Nemetz
Public RelationsChristian Kößldorfer
Belinda Steinhuber
ProducerRay Flanagan
Furniture and props thanks toTrödler Hans Georg Gasteiger
Linzer Bundesstraße 55

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