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Stone Steps from stone theater

The New Season has begun!

Our new workshop has started at the University of Salzburg on the  8th of October 2019. Meetings are twice a week (on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 18.30). The workshop will end with an end of term performance in January tentatively called “Shorts”.

Romantic Fools 2019 ©iStock_Annette Rollny_shrunk

2019 – “Romantic Fools” by Rich Orloff

SynopsisAndrew and Lori are two normal people who have finally found each other. Their journey towards a stable relationship and eventually marriage has been fraught with many misadventures.In a series of scenes, in which their roles are played by different actors, we follow their ups and downs and get to see the hazards of modern-day […]

2019 – “Junk Mail” (End-of-Term Performance)

What do you do when you receive broken goods from Amazon? You write a complaint letter of course!And what do you do when your work colleague creates more unnecessary work for you? You send him a message straight away!And if Freud writes to you? Well, you would be honoured to reply, right?Even the Queen has […]