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Noonday Demons (2018)

Synopsis Everyday at noon, in a cave somewhere in the deserts of Egypt, a demon possesses St. Eusibius and tempts him with wealth, lust and power and everytime Eusibius resists and breaks free. One day, however, another hermit, St. Pior, barges in and claims the Lord has promised him this cave. After mistaking each other […]

Doubt: A Parable & Noonday Demons

The Devil is in “Noonday Demons” and “Doubt: A Parable”, our Next Performances!

With the new year well under way it’s about time we told you about our next performance! Come join us in May for our dual performance, that’s 2 for the price of one! On May 14-16 and 23-24 at 7:30 we will be performing Peter Barnes’ „Noonday Demons“ and John Patrick Shanley’s „Doubt A Parable“. Tickets are […]

Fake Shakespeare

Christmas Performance 2017: Fake Shakespeare!!!

  “Come join us for our annual free Christmas performance! December 12, 19:30, Hörsaal E.003, Unipark”