1981 – “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” by Tennessee Williams

Posted on: June 12, 1981

“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, which won a Pulitzer Prize, is a drama of the seething passions that beset a wealthy Southern family whose lives are stripped of pretense in a shattering moment of revelation.
Gathered together in a piously hypocritical celebration of Big Daddy’s sixty-fifth birthday, the family’s conflicts are suddenly, relentlessly exposed in an explosive series of climaxes that forces each of them to part with the half-lies that have shielded them from reality. This brilliant drama eloquently reveals Tennessee Williams’ matchless gift for transforming the essence of life into memorable literature.


Maggie, the CatDoris Pompermayer
BrickChristian Kößldorfer
Big DaddyRobert Feinberg
Big MammaErna Reiter
MaeBelinda Steinhuber
GooperGerhard Rettenegger
Doctor BaughMax Schachner
Reverend TookerJohann Rabeder


Stage ManagementHelmut Riedl
Tony Leswell
Costumes & Make-UpClodagh Riedl
DesignSally Kowanda
PropsIrmgard Leswell
AdvertisingBrigitte Ascher
Assistan ProducerDeborah Forrow-Fölsche
ProducerRay Flanagan

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