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1978 – “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw

Pygmalion is an ‘idea’-play where the character is made the servant of wit. But the stature of this play is based on something far more solid than just brilliance of wit and dialogue. Language was sacred to Shaw because he saw it as the source of man’s identity. The unconcious irony of this play is […]

1977 – “The Playboy of the Western World” by John Millington Synge

Christy Mahon, a young man, stumbles into Flaherty’s tavern on the west coast of County Mayo. There he impresses the townsfolk with his story of how in affect he struck and killed his father. When his father who survived the attack turns up, the townsfolk call him a liar which leads Christy to attack his […]

1976 – “The Man of Destiny” by George Bernard Shaw & “Barnstable” by James Saunders

The Man of Destiny After his victory at the Battle of Lodi Napoleon is resting at an Italian Inn. One of his Lieutenant appears and tells him that the dispatches he was carrying have been stolen by a young man. When Napoleon threatens to kill the Lieutenant, he tells him that he can hear the […]