1984 – “The Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie

Posted on: June 12, 1984

Agatha Christie wrote ‘The Mousetrap’ in 1952, adapting an earlier radio play called ‘Three Blind Mice’ into a full length stage-play with the present title. The play takes place in a small English guest-house run by a young couple: it is winter, and the house is almost completely cut off by snow. Into this setting Agatha Christie introduces a group of characters who are interesting, eccentric and even mysterious, and creates a tense ‘Whodunnit’ situation which leaves the audience guessing right until the end of the action.


Mollie RalstonLaRayne Yaeger
Giles RalstonRichard Rohrbach
Christopher WrenJim Muckle
Mrs. BoyleMichaela Pramhas
Major MetcalfErnst Pannagger
Miss CasewellSigrid Riepl
Mr. ParaviciniThomas Friedmann
Sergeant TrotterAndrew Lummis


Directed byChris Parsons
ProductionRay Flanagan
PromptressClaire Doole
Stage Management
Edith Nemetz
Stage and SetHelmut Riedl
Make-upClodagh Riedl
PropsMonika Ă–ller
Maria Palke
Pubic RelationsAstrid Richtsfeld
Elizabeth Hirschey
Brenda Bodnar
Rehearsal space thanks to"Haus Salzburg"

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