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See what the Drama Group has been up to in the past 50-odd years!


1993 – “My Children! My Africa!” by Athol Fugard

In a South African country town in the Platteland an inter-school debate is taking place between Zolile High and Camdeboo Girls’ High, and its stars are Thami Mbikwana, a boy from the black school, and Isabel Dyson, a girl from the white school. Inspired by the success of this debate, Mr M, the black teacher, […]

1992 – What happened here?

If you were part of the cast, crew, or audience and have any information about cast and crew, or pictures, programmes and posters please contact us so we can expand this article!

1991- “As Good as New” by David Perry & “A Slight Accident” by James Saunders

As Good as New A macabre comedy set in the suburban home of the Pimbles who live in the shadow of imminent catastrophe. While Grandpa toils in the cellar on his corpses, the normal life of the family goes on from one fatality to the next. The imperturbable Mrs Pimble’s firm maternal management of affairs […]