1998 – “Baby with the Bathwater” by Christopher Durang

Posted on: April 3, 1998

The play revolves around Helen and John, a young married couple, and their new baby boy, Daisy. Thrown into parenthood at the deep end, both Helen, a highly strung young woman, and John, a helpless victim of his own weakness, are unable to cope with the demands of their offspring. All is not lost; as if by magic, Nanny arrives on the scene, with her unethical yet amusing theories of childcare and family life. Another woman, Cynthia, whose baby died under shocking circumstances, adds to the general chaos when she takes a liking to Daisy and tries to kidnap “her”. As Daisy grows up, the audience is introduced to Angela and Kate, two young mothers, as well as to Daisy’s teacher, Miss Pringle, and to the femme fatale principal. At the age of seventeen, Daisy, long aware that “she” is actually a “he”, begins years of therapy. He emerges at the age of thirty as a young man about to embark on the treacherous path of parenthood himself.


Helen, the motherUlli Oberhauser
John, the fatherRobert Jäger
Johannes Stüger (substitute for injured Robert Jäger)
Nanny, the nannyMonika Lobendanz
Cynthia, a young womanSigrid Nindl
Angela, woman in the parkHilde Kletzl
Kate, another woman in the parkAndrea Brüggler
Mrs. Willoughby, principalRuth Alltimes
Miss Pringle, a teacherPia Reiser
Daisy, a young manMichael Darmanin
VoiceRoslyn Nisbet
Susan, Daisy's wifeSigrid Nindl


DirectorIlse Lackenbauer
Assistant DirectorsIratxe Manzano
Laura Summers
Set & Costume DesignHellmut Hölzl
Make-UpBettina Bräunlich
Kordula Oberhauser
Sound MixMartin Kaltenbacher
TechnicianGunther Seiser
Graphic DesignBertrand Kirschenhofer
Production PhotographyAlois Lobendanz
Public RelationsDeborah Hooper
Christian Obermoser
Language Coaching
Programme Notes
Deborah Hooper

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