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Our Country’s Good (2001)

Timberlake Wertenbaker: “Our Country’s Good”   1788, Sydney Cove, Australia – penal colony of the British Empire. A harsh world where convicts serve time for crimes ranging from petty theft to murder and where dispirited officers, cut off from home and on half rations, vent their frustrations on the prisoners. It is here that Second […]

Reviews: Our Country’s Good (2001)

Timberlake Wertenbaker: “Our Country’s Good”   Imagine the thrill before the curtain rises! ([ju:pi] – Studentenzeitung der Uni Passau, Nr.6, 06/2001) “Die witzige und eigenwillige Aufführung machte den Zuschauern bewusst, dass ein Fremdsprachen-Theater an der Hochschule großartige Potenziale und Perspektiven entwickeln kann…”

Looking for Lysistrata (2000)

Aristophanes: “Looking for Lysistrata” Translated by Dudley Fitts   When Lysistrata, Athenian housewife and mother, calls the women of Greece to a meeting in one of the public squares of Athens, nobody imagines that the actions of a few women can bring the male society to its knees and an end to the twenty-year Athenian-Spartan […]