1996 – “The Sea” by Edward Bond

Posted on: May 23, 1996

East Anglia,1907, a small seaside community. A tempestuous storm rages on the sea and one of the most well-known and loved members of the community dies. The play explores the reactions of the villagers to this tragedy. Two young lovers try to break away from the hierarchical small town society, while the draper’s already precarious mental stage is totally unhinged during a confrontation with the town’s first lady. In his paranoia he is firmly convinced of an imminent invasion by aliens conspiring with the city and personified by the best friend of the drowned man.


Willy CarsonJosua Getahun
EvensMichael Darmanin
Hatch ICharles Wharram
Hatch IIMonika Lobendanz
VicarArmin Doppelbauer
ThompsonMarkus Kronberger
Louise RafiBernadette McNulty
Rosie JonesElke Weninger
Jessica TilehouseSusanne Huber
Mafawny PriceHilde Kletzl
JillyHannelore Six
RachelSandra Alves Vieira
DavisMelanie Whittle
MusicianAlexander Udvarhelyi
HollarcutSue Barnard


DirectorIlse Lackenbauer
Assistant DirectorMelanie Whittle
Advisors to DirectorRobert Gißhammer
Stefan Salamonsberger
Make-UpBettina Bräunlich
Melanie Whittle
PropsHannelore Six
CostumesMichael Darmanin
Hilde Kletzl
Sound MixCharles Wharram
TechnicianGunther Seiser
Language CoachingMelanie Whittle

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