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Dancing at Lughnasa (1997)

Brian Friel: “Dancing at Lughnasa”   Ballybeg, a small town in County Donegal, Ireland, August 1936. Michael Evans recounts a summer in his aunt’s cottage, back when he was seven years old.          

1997 – Reviews: Dancing at Lughnasa

Brian Friel: “Dancing at Lughnasa”   English-Theater seit 30 Jahren (PLUS Nr. 3, 03/1997) “Neun Studierende der Uni Salzburg – und zwar verschiedener Studienrichtungen – bilden die English Drama Group 1997…. Lackenbauer: „Wir zeigen spielend, und diesmal auch tanzend, wie viel Kulturarbeit an der Uni Salzburg geleistet wird“.” Gruppenbild mit fünf Frauen (Salzburger Nachrichten, 08/04/1997) […]

1996 – “The Sea” by Edward Bond

East Anglia,1907, a small seaside community. A tempestuous storm rages on the sea and one of the most well-known and loved members of the community dies. The play explores the reactions of the villagers to this tragedy. Two young lovers try to break away from the hierarchical small town society, while the draper of the […]