2000 – “Looking for Lysistrata” by Aristophanes (translated by Dudley Fitts)

Posted on: April 12, 2000

When Lysistrata, Athenian housewife and mother, calls the women of Greece to a meeting in one of the public squares of Athens, nobody imagines that the actions of a few women can bring the male society to its knees and an end to the twenty-year Athenian-Spartan war ravaging Greece.
Led by Lysistrata, women from all parts of Greece take a solemn oath of sexual abstinence until their men stop the war. And, in a time when a woman’s place was definitely in the home, women come out into the streets and take charge of the treasury, situated on Athens’ famous mountain, the Akropolis, using pots, pans and whatever makeshift weapons they can find.
But time is running out for Lysistrata, who has trouble keeping her sex-starved women-at-arms in check. In the end, it all boils down to the crucial question: Who will crack first?


LysistrataBirgit Kocher
KalonikêMonika Lobendanz
MyrrhinêJulia Strohbach
LampitôBarbara Colle
Boiotian WomanNina Grabmaier
Female Chorus LeaderManuela Hölzl
Female ChorusMichela Borzaga
Andrea Brüggler
Doris Dorfer
Maria Ennemoser
Melanie Müller
ComissionerJohannes Stüger
KinêsiasChristian Tröbinger
Spartan Herald
Spartan Ambassador
Christian Kelso
Male Chorus LeaderChristian Haslecker
Male ChorusLevente Bartho
Charlie Hoag
Christian Kelso
Wolfgang Schneeberger
Johannes Stüger
Christian Tröbinger
MusicianRobert Jäger


DirectorIlse Lackenbauer
CostumesHellmut Hölzl
Make-UpKordula Oberhauser
Sonja Probst
Judith Vogel
Margot Aigner
SoundMichael Darmanin
Sound MixMartin Kaltenbacher
TechnicianGunther Seiser
Graphic DesignMartin Del-Negro
Production PhotographyAlois Lobendanz
Assistant Director
Language Coaching
Jennifer Stanley
Programme Notes
Public Relations
Michael Corrigan
Ticket SaleDeborah Hooper
Michael Darmanin
BarMartin Lechner
Stefan Stingl
Norbert Schuh
Clauda Weixlbaumer
StageGunther Seiser
Franz Hasenrader
Andreas Schachermayr
Daniel Anderson
Stefan Stingl
Matt Sweeney

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