1999 – “The Winter’s Tale” by William Shakespeare

Posted on: March 26, 1999

Leontes, the King of Sicilia, rashly accuses his pregnant queen, Hermione, of having committed adultery with his childhood friend Polixenes, the King of Bohemia.
It is with this intrigue and the ensuing banishment of the new-born “bastard” princess, that the magical narrative unfolds. Autolycus, courtly rogue and omnipotent magician, brings the protagonists to life. The audience is transported from the high drama of court into the pastoral world of low-born rustics. Sixteen years have passed and it is festival time. The old shepherd, his son, his adoptive daughter Perdita, and her fiancé Doricles are pleased to welcome strangers to a sheep-shearing feast.
Yet all is not as it seems: Perdita is the Sicilian princess, Doricles is actually Prince Florizel of Bohemia and his friend Camillo, both in disguise. Royal scheming and the problems of succession, combined with the mystical world of carnival, leave no doubts, even to the mind of a contemporary audience, about the fragility of monarchy and the society which upholds it.


Leontes, King of SiciliaMichael Darmanin
Hermione, Queen to LeontesUlli Oberhauser
Mamilius, Young Prince of SiciliaJulia Strohbach
Perdita, Daughter to Leontes and HermionePia Reiser
Camillo, Lord of SiciliaRetta Bowen
Antigonus, Lord of SiciliaChristian Haslecker
Paulina, Wife to AntigonusAnnabelle Maw
OfficerBirgit Ablinger
Other Lords of SiciliaBarbara Colle
Monika Lobendanz
Ladies-in-WaitingIrmgard Edelbauer
Claudia Weixlbaumer
Polixenes, King of BohemiaJohannes Stüger
Florizel, Prince of BohemiaNorbert Schuh
Old Shepherd, reputed Father of PerditaMartin Lechner
Clown, his SonManuela Hölzl
Autolycus, a RogueBirigt Kocher
BearDeborah Hooper


DirectorIlse Lackenbauer
Set & Costume DesignHellmut Hölzl
Sound MixMartin Kaltenbacher
Make-UpBettina Bräunlich
Kordula Oberhauser
TechnicianGunther Seiser
Graphic DesignMartin Del-Negro
Production PhotographyAlois Lobendanz
Assistant Director
Language Coaching
Deborah Hooper

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