Month: June 2007

I Hate Hamlet (2007)

Paul Rudnick: “I Hate Hamlet”   Andrew Rally is a moderately successful television actor on the West Coast. When his TV series is cancelled, he decides to head for New York to improve his acting by attending theatre workshops. His agent, LilianTroy, talks him into auditioning for the lead role in the annual Shakespeare production […]

After Juliet (2007)

Sharman Macdonald: “After Juliet”   After the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet a frail force holds between the Capulets and the Montagues. Can the young members of the two families who desire lasting peace keep lovely Rosaline and the other young hotheads from reviving the old feud? Have Romeo and Juliet died in vain? […]

Reviews: “I Hate Hamlet” and “After Juliet” (2007)

Paul Rudnick: “I Hate Hamlet” and Sharman Macdonald: “After Juliet”   Doppelpack im Kleinen Theater: „After Juliet“, „I Hate Hamlet“ -The Earth is holding its breath (SVZ, 13/06/2007) “… Wie man sich der wichtigsten Fremdsprache der Welt richtig nähert, das wussten die Akteure des English Youth Theatre verblüffend gründlich vorzuexerzieren. 13 Schüler aus Salzburg und […]