After Juliet (2007)

Posted on: June 14, 2007

Sharman Macdonald: “After Juliet”


After the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet a frail force holds between the Capulets and the Montagues. Can the young members of the two families who desire lasting peace keep lovely Rosaline and the other young hotheads from reviving the old feud? Have Romeo and Juliet died in vain?





Sophia Beck-Managetta
Gregor Eistert
Marlene Eistert
Flora Frisardi
Sebastian Gfrerer
Janis Mayer
Pamina Milewska
Veronika Rohrecker
Aurelia Seidlhofer
Ali Shaukat
Lukas Stöger
Jana Studnicka
Anna Zisler



Ilse Lackenbauer
Michael Darmanin
Akzente Salzburg
Theater der Jugend
Alois Ellmauer
Daniela Ellmauer
Erhard Göttlicher
Nina Grabmaier
Hellmut Hölzl
Ruth Humer
Meelika Juerisäar
Hester Marijnis
Julia Neudorfer
Erich Posch
Wolfgang Schneeberger

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