2007 – “After Juliet” by Sharman Macdonald

Posted on: June 14, 2007

a co-production with Akzente Salzburg

After the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet a frail truce holds between the Capulets and the Montagues. Can the young members of the two families who desire lasting peace keep lovely Rosaline and the other young hotheads from reviving the old feud? Have Romeo and Juliet died in vain ?


The DrummerMarlene EistertBRG Akademiestraße
Public AnnouncerMichael Darmanin
Benvolio (Romeo's best friend)Lukas Stöger(formerly Erzb. PG Borromäum)
Valentine (Mercutio's twin brother)Gregor EistertBRG Akademiestraße
Rosaline (Juliet's cousin)Flora FrisardiMusisches Gymnasium
Bianca (Juliet's cousin)Pamina MilewskaBG Zaunergasse
Helena (Bianca's sister)Veronika RohreckerBG Zaunergasse
Rhona (Juliet's cousin, from Glasgow)Jana StudnickaAkademisches Gymnasium
Alice (Juliet's cousin)Aurelia SeidlhoferBG Nonntal
Livia (Rosaline's half sister)Anna ZislerBG Zaunergasse
Angelica (Juliet's nurse)Sophia Beck-MannagettaBG Zaunergasse
LorenzoSebastian GfrererPG Liefering
GianniJanis MayerBG Hallein
Petruchio (Tybalt's brother)Ali ShaukatBG Zaunergasse


DirectorsIlse Lackenbauer
Michael Darmanin
ProducersAkzente Salzburg
Theater der Jugend
Costume & Make-up DesignHellmut Hölzl
SetAlois Ellmauer
LightErich Posch
Choreography & SoundWolfgang Schneeberger
Make-up CrewHellmut Hözl
Nina Grabmaier
Meelika Juerisäar
Hester Marijnis
Julia Neudorfer
Graphic Design & PhotographyRuth Humer

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