Introducing our next Show Girl’s Weekend!

Posted on: April 24, 2022

After a two-year break due to the Corona virus, the English Drama Group Salzburg is back on the boards with this American farce!

Four women decide to spend a girls’ weekend in a log cabin just outside town. Dot, the owner of the cabin, is ready to party all night long. Meg, her best friend, has some reservations as she is keeping mum about her new ‘mystery man’, who is younger than her and happens to be Dot’s son Stephen. Carol and Rick are trying hard to have a baby and have sex only when Carol is ovulating! Ellie has unwillingly accompanied her mother Meg for the weekend but is planning to sneak out with old school mate Bubba. Chaos ensues as the men turn up one after the other. Needless to say, all the women are going to get what they wished for but not exactly the way they imagined it. Add a sheriff who cannot tell the difference between a marijuana bong and a vase and this weekend is going to become one they will not easily forget!

Infos + Tickets:

Sexually Frustrated man: This is Rick (Mathew Rushmere). Rick only has sex once a month!

Surprised woman: This is Carol (Anne Odrich). Carol is ovulating!

Man with smoldering eyes. "This is Stephen (Benjamin Scherer). Stephen loves older women especially his Mum's friends!"

Woman torn with indecision. "This is Meg (Irina Schwaiger). Meg is dating her best friend's son!"

Bemused Man with Winter hat. "This is Sheriff Tom (Pascal Mautner). Tom cannot tell the difference between a marijuana bong and a flower vase!"

A laughing Woman with joint: "This is Dot (Eva Nedwed). Dot loves to party and smokes her dog's medicinal pot!"

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