2019 – “Romantic Fools” by Rich Orloff

Posted on: February 3, 2019

Andrew and Lori are two normal people who have finally found each other. Their journey towards a stable relationship and eventually marriage has been fraught with many misadventures.
In a series of scenes, in which their roles are played by different actors, we follow their ups and downs and get to see the hazards of modern-day dating, sexual fantasies, hopeless expectations, diets, proposals and stepping up to the altar. As Andrew and Lori lead us through each mishap, we begin to understand how truly miraculous it is to find the right partner for life.

Cast Photo by Srienz Photography – head to their website to see our production photos!


SceneCastPromotional Photo
Introduction & NarratorsOksana Rachok
Benjamin Scherer
Find Me a Primitive ManA.J. Klein
Benjamin Remmelberger
Nightmare in a Sexy SkirtXiao Li
Robert Hooper
One Man's Secret DesireEva Nedwed
Mathew Rushmere
At the OrgyA.J. Klein
Philippos Ioannou
The Stepford GuyEva Nedwed
Pascal Mautner
Nice TieGiuliana Maddaluno
Benjamin Remmelberger
Power is the Greatest AphrodisiacXiao Li
Pascal Mautner
Vegetarians in LustEva Nedwed
Robert Hooper
Spaghetti OvertureA.J. Klein
Philippos Ioannou
Bride & GloomGiuliana Maddaluno
Mathew Rushmere


Producer & DirectorMichael Darmanin
CostumesHellmut Hölzl
Make-UpHellmut Hölzl
Barbara Gräff
Oksana Rachok
SetLois Ellmauer
Lights & SoundGunter Seiser (ARGEkultur Salzburg)
SoundtrackMichael Darmanin
Benjamin Scherer
Website & PRDesireé Frasnelli
Benjamin Scherer
PosterARGEkultur Salzburg
Prgoramme & FlyerAndreas Schachermayr
FilmingMark Scherer
Benjamin Scherer
Production PhotographySrienz Photography
Promotional PhotographyDesireé Frasnelli
Benjamin Scherer

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. (www.playscripts.com)

Special Note
Selected scenes from this play were also performed at the FEATS Festival 2019.

About the Author
Rich Orloff is the author of 10 full-length comedies and over 50 short plays. His work has won awards and contests, such as the Festival of Emerging American Theatre, the Playwrights First Award, the Interplay International Play Festival, the Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence and the Tennessee Williams Playwriting Competition. Mr. Orloff’s one-acts have been published four times in the annual Best American Plays anthology series. They have been produced in the USA, Canada, Scotland, Australia, Germany, Austria, Russia, Holland, Brazil, India and Singapore. He has taught playwriting at Oberlin College, Miami’s City Theatre and for the Connecticut Young Playwrights programme.

Director’s Note
Romantic Fools is a hilarious play which suits this year’s young, fresh and funny group of actors. We have so much comedic talent in this year’s group that I had to pick an outrageous comedy and it worked! The play consists of 12 playlets of which we are doing only 10 by the author’s consent. After last year’s sombre but excellent offering, I thought it was time for something sexy, flamboyant and downright funny. I do hope you enjoy the eveneing and remain our true fans.
Michael Darmanin, Producer & Director

Last but not least …. Special Thanks
We would also like to express a huge thank you for the donations in kind to:
Hobex, Salzburg
Orio, Salzburg
Modeatelier Zauberhaft, Brigitte Schiebler
Hemden Babitsch, Tina Hinteregger
Stoff Müller, Wels
all the friends of the Drama Group who have made a private contribution
Extra special thanks go to Monika for her donations of fabric and accessoires!
None of this would be possible with the help of every single one of you!

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