2019 – “Junk Mail” (End-of-Term Performance)

Posted on: January 31, 2019

What do you do when you receive broken goods from Amazon? You write a complaint letter of course!
And what do you do when your work colleague creates more unnecessary work for you? You send him a message straight away!
And if Freud writes to you? Well, you would be honoured to reply, right?
Even the Queen has to put pen to paper, especially now that she has to say goodbye to the Old Continent.
We are proud to present “Junk Mail”, a collection of fictitious letters, written by the actors themselves, exploring the art of written communication covering diverse subjects.

Every Week on Tuesday at 5.00pm there will be a new video of our performance in the playlist – so stay tuned!


A Message from Her Majesty the QueenMathew Rushmere
A Letter to My Parents in ChinaXiao Li
A Modest Solution to OverpopulationBenjamin Scherer
This Is the End!Theresa Sailer
An Email to an Irritating ColleaguePascal Mautner
A Letter of Regretful ResignationGiuliana Maddaluno
A Thank You Note to My Latin TeacherChristina Zeinhofer
A Complaint to Clive at AmazonEva Nedwed
A Letter to GertrudeRobert Hooper
A Letter to Husbands R UsMarlene Mayerhofer
A Message from Your BFFB (Best Friend & Film Buff)Oksana Rachok
A Letter to the Future YouBenjamin Remmelberger
Philippos Ioannou
A Polite Note to a NeighbourA. J. Klein
A Reply to FreudDaniel Hume
An Invitation to President TrumpMichael Darmanin

All scenes were written by the performing actors themselves!

Sidenote: Elisabeth Kraig was also part of the original cast. However, her scene was not part of the programme and performance, as she was prevented from taking part due to her taking part in the Erasmus Programme.

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