2017 – “Dearly Departed” by David Bottrell and Jessie Jones

Posted on: May 6, 2017

One hot morning, somewhere south of the Mason-Dixie Line, Bud Turpin drops dead at his breakfast table and his family has to come together for his funeral. Amid sibling rivalry, expensive funeral arrangements, marital infidelity and inspirational biblical interventions from Aunt Marguerite, Raynelle, the tight-lipped widow, plans her one act of revenge after more than thirty years of suppressed suffering. With her monosyllabic and junk food loving teenage daughter in tow, she explains her marital relationship to Reverend Hooker and then tells her family what she wants written on her husband’s tombstone. At the wake, a sorry bunch of neighbours, friends and acquaintances turn up, Suzanne finds out who her husband has been sleeping with and Royce gives some insights about life to a repentant Junior. Tension builds up as the funeral starts and everyone is anxiously waiting for the Reverend who celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife at a new Mexican restaurant the night before….


CharacterPlayed byPortrait
Raynelle (the mother)Sandra Pendlebury Laing
Ray-Bud (the firstborn)Benjamin Scherer
Lucille (his wife)Shalaine Schamrel
Junior (the younger son)Konstantin Beck-Mannagetta
Suzanne (his wife)Claire Glover
Delightful (the daughter)Desiree Frasnelli
Aunt MargueriteKimberley Scherer
Royce (her son)Wolfgang Schneeberger
Bud (the deceased)Michael Darmanin
Reverend Beverly HookerAlbert Ertl
Juanita (Former Yam Queen)Eva Nedwed
Veda ( Raynelle's friend)Katharina Enzinger
Norval ( Veda's Husband) Albert Ertl
Nadine (Lucille's friend)Heike Maria Wild
Oprah (Nadine's daughter)Barbara Scherer
Clyde (Ray-Bud's boss)Michael Darmanin
Radio DJSamuel Scherer
Joyous SingersAbbie Speller
Janna Ramos Violante
Vera Kern


Producer & DirectorMichael Darmanin
Assistant to DirectorDesireé Frasnelli
Set Lois Ellmauer
Costumes & Make-upHellmut Hölzl
Make-up AssistantsSylvia Sayer
Barbara Gröff
Lights & SoundGunther Seiser
Sound Design Wolfgang Schneeberger Michael Darmanin
PropsElisabeth Enzinger
Poster DesignAlbert Ertl
Flyer & Programme TexterAndreas Schachermayr
PR, Website and Social MediaDesiree Frasnelli
Albert Ertl
Benjamin Scherer
Ilse Lackenbauer
Backstage CrewPhilippos Ioannou
Benjamin Remmelberger
Production PhotographyJanna Ramos-Violante - Instagram: Srienzphotography
Markus Krenn

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