2016 – “On the Razzle” by Tom Stoppard

Posted on: May 22, 2016

Tom Stoppard’s play „On the Razzle“ is a smart and fast farce based on Johann Nestroy’s „Einen Jux will er sich machen“.
When the cat’s away, the mice will play. Such is the case at Herr Zangler’s Fine Delicatessen and Groceries. While Zangler is gone to celebrate his fiancée’s birthday and prevent the no-good Sonders from wooing his niece Marie, the clerks Weinberl and Christopher are meant to tend the shop. Unfortunately, they have no intention of doing so and follow Zangler to Vienna to spend a weekend on the razzle. Always close to discovery a fun and fast hide-and-seek-game through Vienna ensues as they end up in all kinds of awkward situations.



Weinberl, Chief Sales Assistant at Zangler's GroceriesBenjamin Scherer
Christopher, Apprentice at Zangler's GroceriesKristina Ennikl
Zangler, Owner of Zangler's GroceriesAlbert Ertl
Melchior, Zangler's New ServantPhilippos Ioannou
Madame Knorr, Zangler's FiancéeSandra Pendlebury Laing
Frau Fischer, a fashionable Viennese WidowJulia Litzlbauer
Marie, Zangler's Niece and WardSandra Randweg
Sonders, Marie's Penniless SuitorToralf Neuling
Frau Blumenblatt, Zangler's Sister in LawKatharina Enzinger
Gertrud, Zangler's HousekeeperDesireé Frasnelli
Hupfer, Zangler's TailorBenjamin Remmelberger
Reuben de Cock, Belgian LawyerFlorian Friedrich
Philippine, Madame Knorr's Shop AssistantMireia Esteban
Lisette, Frau Blumenblatt's French MaidIrene Sulzbacher
CoachmanLeonard Messmer
Constable Benjamin Remmelberger
Waiter One Florian Friedrich
Waiter Two Irene Sulzbacher
Waiter Three Samuel Scherer
Ragamuffin Samuel Scherer
German CoupleFabian Schober
Elisabeth Enzinger
Scottish CoupleBenjamin Remmelberger Desireé Frasnelli
Spanish Couple Gaetan Sanchez
Mireia Esteban
ParrotDesireé Frasnelli



Producer & DirectorMichael Darmanin
Assistant DirectorJudith Winter
SetAlois Ellmauer
Costumes & Make-UpHellmut Hölzl
Make-Up AssistantBarbara Gräff
Lights & SoundGunther Seiser
PropsAndreas Schachermayr
Poster & Flyer GraphicsAlbert Ertl, Andreas Schachermayr
Production PhotographyJudith Winter
FilmMoti Amiri
PRDesireé Frasnelli

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