Women (and a Man) on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown! (Xmas 2010)

Posted on: December 24, 2010

Women (and a Man) on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown!

Xmas Performance 2010




1.Do NOT Inhale The Queen Of Diamonds !

from A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler

Performed by Sandra Pendlebury Laing, Tina Kaltseis and Sarah Wagner

Oh those Scandinavians! They are so merry and they do love their drink!


2.De Hood!

from Charge by Eric Kaiser

Performed by Celine von Garßen

What happens if you transplant someone from the Bible Belt to the Bronx?


3.Sarah’s Pearls of Diction: Episode 1

All episodes performed by Sarah Wagner


4.There’s Got To Be Another Way

monologue by Janet B. Milstein

Performed by Julia Kasper

Fast-Food Customer Service!


5.Sarah’s Pearls of Diction: Episode 2


6.Do It Right Tommy!

from An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde

Performed by Rebecca Jelbert

Some men are so odious. They won’t propose in public!


7.Sarah’s Pearls of Diction: Episode 3


8.Rollercoaster Proposal

monologue by Wade Bradford.

Performed by Natascha Fuka

The ups and downs of a relationship.


9.Sarah’s Pearls of Diction: Episode 4


10.Putting People Out!

from The Roommates by Wade Bradford

Performed by Joao Parreira

With friends like these …


11.Sarah’s Pearls Of Diction: Episode 5


12.I love you, Zückerschneckchen!

from Cinema Limbo by Wade Bradford

Performed by Britta Viktoria Opatz

Ugh! Nerds, geeks and sweaty hands!


13.Sarah’s Pearls Of Diction: Episode 6


14.Ernest Is My Fiancé!

from The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde.

Performed by Martina Landl and Tina Kaltseis.

Hard to be friends when you are engaged to marry the same guy!


15.Sarah’s Pearls Of Diction: Episode 7


16.What Women Really Want….

from Curse of the Pharoah’s Kiss by Wade Bradford

Performed by Mona Lobendanz

Oh, Geeeooorgie!!!


17.Sarah’s Pearls Of Diction: Episode 8


18.The Ladies Who Lunch

from Company by Stephen Sondheim

Performed by Sandra Pendlebury Laing

Nothing comes close to alcohol to lift up your spirits!

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