2010 – “Henry’s Wives” by Aoise Stratford

Posted on: May 22, 2010

After 500 years in purgatory, Catherina of Aragon believes that she has finally been given the chance to redeem her husband’s soul from hell. All Henry VIII has to do is to renew his marriage vows to her and renounce all subsequent marriages. She calls his spirit forth, but instead of Henry all his other wives start appearing, one after the other. What has gone wrong? Will Henry not come?
As they wait for Henry to appear old rivalries and friendships between the wives come alive and new feelings are awakened in some of them. In a battle of wills, wiles, and wit, the wives struggle to protect their interests and make most of the new chance to present themselves before the king. Can history be re-written? The king is known to have a mind of his own and lurking around is not only a bumbling executioner but another threat which none of the wives can foresee.


Catherina of AragonSandra Pendlebury Laing
Margaret Mannox (her lady-in-waiting)Louise O'Meara
Kate ParrSarah Wagner
Anne BoleynSonja Einböck
Katherine HowardMajena von Cappeln
Anna of ClevesMartina Landl
Jane SeymourKatharina Kapplmüller
Henry VIIIDylan V. Kromer
ExecutionerJim Laing
Abigail DudleyKatharina Riepler


Producer & DirectorMichael Darmanin
Assistant DirectorAija-Mari Oksman
Costume & Make-UpHellmut Hölzl
SetAlois Ellmauer
LightsErich Posch
SoundMichael Darmanin
PropsAija-Mari Oksman
Make-Up CrewElvira Walser
Natascha Fuka
Barbara Gräff
Graphic DesignRuth Humer
PhotographyAlois Lobendanz
Anna Kluth
MusicOrpheus Concerts & Artists

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