2008 – “The Merry Wives of Windsor” by William Shakespeare

Posted on: May 29, 2008

Sir John Falstaff arrives in Windsor short of money and conspires to seduce Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford, the wives of two prominent Windsor citizens. The women play along with him in order to expose him as a preposterous lecher. But the insanely jealous Mr. Ford disguises himself as one “Mr. Brook” and hires Falstaff to procure Mrs. Ford for him in order to (so he plans) reveal her suspected infidelity. But Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Page dupe both Falstaff and Mr. Ford. Finally, both husbands join their “merry wives” in an elaborate masque-like entertainment.


Sir John FalstaffMichael Darmanin
Robin, Falstaff's PagePinar Genç
Bardolph, Follower of FalstaffLindsey Rager
Pistol, Follower of FalstaffSabine Foidl
Mr. Francis Ford, Citizen of WindsorBenjamin Baczko
Mrs. Alice Ford, his WifeMargit Kopplinger
John and Robert, Mr. Ford's ServantsLindsey Rager
Sabine Foidl
Mr. George Page, Citizen of WindsorBarbara Gräff
Mrs. Margaret Page, his WifeAngelika Schöppl-Zillner
Anne Page, their daughterSarah Awender
Mr. Robert Shallow, Country Justice of the PeaceGerhild Heissel
Mr. Abraham Slender, his NephewHjörtur Hjörleifsson
Peter Simple, Mr. Slender's ServantLindsey Rager
Dr. Caius, a French DoctorArni Hjörleifsson
Mrs. Quickly, his HousekeeperMona Lobendanz
John Rugby, his ServantPinar Genç
Mr. Fenton, a Young GentlemanMaria Magdalena Alorda Fornés
Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh ParsonGregor Eistert
Hostess of the Garter Inn at WindsorUlrike Hettegger


Director and ProducerIlse Lackenbauer
Assistant DirectorMichael Darmanin
SetAlois Ellmauer
Costume & Make-Up DesignWilhelmina von Rau
TechnicianErich Posch
Graphic DesignRuth Humer
Production PhotographyAlois Lobendanz
Video RecordingChristian Haslecker
Make-Up AssistantsFlora Frisardi
Aurelia Seidlhofer
Jana Studnicka

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