Kindertransport (2006)

Posted on: April 27, 2006

Diane Samuels: “Kindertransport”


Evelyn is trying to help her daughter Faith with moving out, while the latter seems reluctant to actually go through with it. While the two women are searching the attic for things Faith might need for her new place, the argument that is about to break loose can only be prevented by Faith’s grandmother Lil.
Little does Faith know that her mother had to leave her home at a very young age under completely different circumstances. In a suitcase in the attic are the written testimonies of Evelyn’s past and when Faith finds them she finally has an explanation why her mother always seems to freak out when she has to mount a train or sees men in uniform.






Michela Borzaga
Barbara Colle
Michael Darmanin
Nina Grabmaier
Mona Lobendanz
Birgit Stockinger



Ilse LackenbauerDirector
Michael Darmanin
Alois Ellmauer
Christian Haslecker
Hellmut Hölzl
Ruth Humer
Alois Lobendanz
Sylvia Prack
Wolfgang Schneeberger
Gunther Seiser
Julia Strohbach
Elfi Windischbauer

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