Dead White Males (2004)

Posted on: June 18, 2004

David Williamson: “Dead White Males”


Postmodernism versus liberal humanism—can an older male academic convert a young female student to a post-structural, post-patriarchal view of literature and seduce her at the same time?






Ian Boyle
Michael Darmanin
Christian Genzel
Nina Grabmaier
Sabrina Hildebrand
Brigit Huber
Margit Kopplinger
Markus Leitner
Mona Lobendanz
Ulli Oberhauser
Daniela Rettenbacher
Wolfgang Schneeberger
Julia Strohnach



Ilse LackenbauerDirector
Hellmut HölzlCostumes & Make-Up
Gunther Seiser
Alois Lobendanz
Elizabeth Catling
Christian Haslecker
Kordula Oberhauser
Verena Reinbacher
Lena Schumacher
Ruth Humer
Michela Borzaga
Norbert Schuh
Julia Stoff

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