Chamber Music (2002)

Posted on: June 22, 2002

Arthur Kopit: “Chamber Music”


1938, an insane asylum. Eight women, who believe they are Gertrude Stein, Joan of Arc, Susan B. Anthony, Queen Isabella I of Spain, Constanze Mozart, Amelia Earhart, Pearl White and Osa Johnson have come together to plan an attack they believe is soon to come from the men’s ward.






Nina Grabmaier
Mona Lobendanz
Andrea Brüggler
Ulli Oberhauser
Barbara Colle
Karoline Krenn
Sophie Kraft
Sabrina Hildebrand
Christian Tröbinger
Michael Darmanin
Robert Gißhammer
Roger Lock



Ilse LackenbauerDirector
Hellmut HölzlCostumes & Make-Up
Gunther Seiser
Alois Lobendanz
Michael Darmanin
Susan Fiscus
Robert Gißhammer
Michael Corrigan
Cassily Charles
Julia Strohbach

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