2002 – “Chamber Music” by Arthur Kopit

Posted on: June 22, 2002

Eight women assemble for a meeting to find a way of fighting their unseen enemy, whom they reason to be the patients in the men’s ward.
Are these women engaged in a psychotherapeutic experiment, role-playing famous historical personalities (e.g. Joan of Arc, Gertrude Stein, Constanze Mozart, Queen Isabella I of Spain,…), or are their delusions of grandeur the reason for their internment?


Woman who Plays RecordsUlli Oberhauser
Woman in Safari OutfitAndrea Brüggler
Woman with NotebookNina Grabmaier
Girl in Gossamer DressSabrina Hildebrand
Woman in Aviatrix's OutfitSophie Kraft
Woman in Queenly Spanish GarbKaroline Krenn
Woman in ArmourBarbara Colle
Woman with GavelMonika Lobendanz
DoctorChristian Tröbinger
His AssistantMichael Darmanin (Main Performances)
Robvert Gißhammer (substituted for Michael Darmanin in two additional performances in September 2002)
MusicianRoger Lock


Director & ProducerIlse Lackenbauer
Assistant DirectorMichael Darmanin
CostumesHellmut Hölzl
Stage TechnicianGunther Seiser
Make-UpSusanne Huber
Julia Strohbach
Language CoachSusan Fiscus
Cassily Charles
Poster & ProgrammeRobert Gißhammer
Production PhotographyAlois Lobendanz
Programme NotesMichael Darmanin
Michael Corrigan
School's PackageMichael Corrigan

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