Our Country’s Good (2001)

Posted on: May 11, 2001

Timberlake Wertenbaker: “Our Country’s Good”


1788, Sydney Cove, Australia – penal colony of the British Empire. A harsh world where convicts serve time for crimes ranging from petty theft to murder and where dispirited officers, cut off from home and on half rations, vent their frustrations on the prisoners.
It is here that Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark finds himself entrusted with an experiment in moral redemption. He is chosen by Governor Philip to direct a group of convicts in Farquhar’s Restoration comedy The Recruiting Officer. But with a motley cast of ragged, mistrustful and largely illiterate convicts, opposition from sadistic officers and a leading lady who faces being hanged, Australia’s first theatrical production is in trouble from the start.






Captain Arthus Philip, RN
(Governor-in-Chief of NSW)
Margit Kopplinger
Major Robbie Ross, MRJessie Quinlan
Captain David Collins, MR
(Advocate General)
Birgitta Kochler
Captain Watkin Tench, MRStefan Stingl
Captain Jemmy Campbell, MRMonika Lobendanz
Lieutenant George Johnston, MRCassily Charles
Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark, MRChristian Tröbinger
Midshipman Harry Brewer, RN
(Provost Marshall)
Thomas Crawley
John ArscottTimothy Weech
CaesarMichela Borzaga
Ketch FreemanJohannes Stüger
Robert SidewayMichael Darmanin
John WisehammerChristian Genzel
Mary BrenhamUlli Oberhauser
Dabby BryantNina Grabmaier
Duckling SmithAndrea Brüggler
Liz MordenManuela Hölzl
Meg LongJessie Quinlan



Producer & DirectorIlse Lackenbauer
Production AssistantCassily Charles
CostumesHellmut Hölzl
Make-UpSandra Danzinger
Sonja Hörmanseder
Sonja Probst
Angelika Roland
StageFranz Hasenrader
Gunther Seiser
Andreas Schachermayr
TechnicianGunther Seiser
SoundMartin Kaltenbacher
Christian Tröbinger
Graphic DesignRobert Gißhammer
Production Photography Alois Lobendanz
Programme NotesCassily Charles
Michael Darmanin
Film DocumentationChristian Haslecker
School PackageMichael Corrigan
Ticket SaleJulia Strohbach
BarMartin Payrhuber
Norbert Schuh

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