1994 – “Transcending” by David Cregan and “Rites” by Maureen Duffy

Posted on: May 5, 1994


This one-act play takes a critical look at family relationships within a conventional middle class framework, and draws attention to the inability to communicate effectively. It presents a satirical view of the traditional nuclear family, depicting the adults, usually supposed to command respect and authority, as figures of ridicule. All of them have a distinct, grossly exaggerated psychological deficiency and are unable to offer help and guidance to the girl, whose failure to pass her A-levels is symbolic of a wider incapacity for success. Her final escape from this bourgeois madhouse environment with its sham notions of integrity is – to quote psychologist Carl Jung – “a release from – or transcendence of – a confining pattern of existence”, an act of liberation based on the “realization of the potential of the individual Self”.


The play is set in a female space: a ladies’ lavatory. In it, come and go women of all ages and from all walks of life. In this private domain, which is no less than a bastion against male dominance and intrusion, the women speak openly about themselves and their relationships with men. The play reveals the cruel absurdity and inhumanity of a world of sexual stereotypes. Even the attempt to break free from them only moves towards further imbalance and a climactic act of destruction.

Cast "Transcending"

GirlLiserl Nowotny
FatherRobert Gißhammer
MotherChristina Habinger
SimonPhillip Orlik
Mr LemsterChristian Obermoser

Cast "Rites"

MegLiserl Nowotny
AdaAirlie Scott
First Office GirlAilish Kavanagh
Second Office Girl
Eastre Reynolds
Third Office GirlAlexandra Wernisch
NellieElke Weninger
DotChristina Habinger
Old WomanLisa Delano
GirlMelanie Whittle
Mother with ChildKristin Teuchtmann
A FigureIlse Lackenbauer
PercussionAlexander Udvarhelyi


DirectorIlse Lackenbauer
Assistant DirectorStefan Salamonsberger
Set DesignHelfried Hassfurther
Costume DesignChristiane Lettner
LightingHelfried Hassfurther
Rosalie Hohnstein
Stage ManagersRobert Gißhammer
Christian Obermoser
Make-UpElke Weninger
Christina Habinger

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