1993 – “My Children! My Africa!” by Athol Fugard

Posted on: June 1, 1993

In a South African country town in the Platteland an inter-school debate is taking place between Zolile High and Camdeboo Girls’ High, and its stars are Thami Mbikwana, a boy from the black school, and Isabel Dyson, a girl from the white school. Inspired by the success of this debate, Mr M, the black teacher, enters the pair for an inter-school English literature quiz competition, coached by himself. In the course of the coaching sessions an intense but uneasy relationship develops among the three as they get to know each other and the differences and similarities in their worlds, which separate them. But between Mr M and his most gifted pupil all is not well: the increasing divergence on their views on life outside the classroom is finally reflected in an event both horrific and tragic.


Anela Myalatya, called Mr MAndor Spisák
Thambi MbikwanaUte Lang
Isabel DysonAlexandra Erhard
Cathy Bullard
(CGH Debating Team)
Christina Habinger
Renée Vermaas
(CGH Debating Team)
Sabine Lehner
Patricia Bailey
(CGH Debating Team)
Barbara Fink
Little Thami
Little Anela
Johanna Paciska
Little Anela's TeacherChristina Habinger
Mr Dawid Grobbelaar, called Oom Dawie
(Inspector of Bantu Schools)
Robert Gißhammer
The Comrades / Black MasksElke Weninger
Christina Habinger
Sabine Lehner
Barbara Fink
Johanna Paciska
Robert Gißhammer
Voice behind stageDavid Leppan


AdaptationIlse Lackenbauer
DirectorIlse Lackenbauer
Assistant to the DirectorStefan Salamonsberger
David Leppan
Adviser on South African AffairsDavid Leppan
Make-Up DesignGeorgie Schmid-Schmidsfelden
Make-UpGabriella Orosz
Lorraine Burns
Nicola Nightingale
Stage ManagerElke Weninger
LightingStefan Salamonsberger
Pronunciation & Language GuidelinesNicola Nightingale
Ticket SaleUlla Lang
Max Richards

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