1991- “As Good as New” by David Perry & “A Slight Accident” by James Saunders

Posted on: May 6, 1991

As Good as New

A macabre comedy set in the suburban home of the Pimbles who live in the shadow of imminent catastrophe. While Grandpa toils in the cellar on his corpses, the normal life of the family goes on from one fatality to the next. The imperturbable Mrs Pimble’s firm maternal management of affairs is one of the things that remain strong in this grotesque family situation.


Mrs PimbleUte Lang
Mrs FlowerAndreja Wieser
Mr PimbleLisa Johnson
JuneMargit Haider
SidThomas Hörndler

A Slight Accident

Written in the spring of 1961 for the Nottingham Playhouse company. Like the earlier plays it yokes violent death together with casual conversation, but this time the killing is over just before the curtain goes up. With the revolver still smoking in her hands, Penelope launches comically into her polite, slightly affected middle-class clichés as she invite a neighbour up to watch television.


PenelopeEike Wögerbauer
HarryThomas Hörndler
CamillaSaskia Kossak
RodgerAndor Spisak
Actor 1 (voice)Andor Spisak
Actor 2 (voice)Georg Ramsauer
Actress 1 (voice)Chr. Baumgartner
Actress 2 (voice)Nicola Nightingale


DirectorNicola Nightingale
Poster Design & Make-upMandy Dunn
Stage ManagementChr. Baumgartner
PromptressNicola Nightingale
LightingGeorg Ramsauer

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