A Slight Accident & As Good as New (1991)

Posted on: May 6, 1991

Characters of "A Slight Accident"Acted by
PenelopeEike Wögerbauer
HarryThmas Hörndler
CamillaSaskia Kossak
RodgerAndor Spisak
(Voices) Actor 1Andor Spisak
Actor 2Goerg Ramsauer
Actress 1Chr. Baumgartner
Actress 2Nicola Nightingale
Characters from "As Good as New"Acted By
Mrs PimbleUte Lang
Mrs FlowerAndreja Wieser
Mr PimbleLisa Johnson
SidThomas Hörndler
DirectorChr. Baumgartner
Poster Design & Make-upMandy Dunn
Stage ManagementNicola Nightingale
PromptressGoerg Ramsauer


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