1976 – “The Man of Destiny” by George Bernard Shaw & “Barnstable” by James Saunders

Posted on: June 12, 1976

The Man of Destiny

After his victory at the Battle of Lodi Napoleon is resting at an Italian Inn. One of his Lieutenant appears and tells him that the dispatches he was carrying have been stolen by a young man. When Napoleon threatens to kill the Lieutenant, he tells him that he can hear the young man’s voice in the background. The other person in the inn however appears to a young woman. Napoleon outwits her and manages to take the dispatches from her, only to discover that one of the letters reveals the unfaithfulness of his wife.
Not being able to admit he has read the letter, he pretends they are still missing and threatens the Lieutenant with death if he should not procure the dispatches. The young woman once again dons her disguise and pretending to have magic abilities takes the dispatches out of Napeoleon’s coat pocket. She burns the offending letter and gives the dispatches back to the Lieutenant, saving his life.


NapoleonHelmut Riedl
The LadyUlrike Tuppinger
GiuseppeFranz Kabelka
LieutenantAlois Strizinger
PrologueClodagh Riedl


A group of English house party guests keeps talking and living their lives while the mansion crumbles around them. Problems are addressed, but never solved, and although he is on everybodys’ lips, Barnstable never makes an appearance.


Charles CarboyReinhard Auer
Rev. Wandsworth TeeterJosef Kogler
Daphne CarboyClodagh Riedl
Helen CarboyGabriele Zecha
SandraUrsula Grüneis

Crew (both plays)

ProducerRay Flanagan
Technical StaffMax Dannecker
Ernst Offner
Walter Vaupel
Roswitha Löfler
CommitteePeter Breu
Donnajean Moses
Evelyn Grossegger
Karl Kaltenegger
Erich Wild
Silvia Winklmair
Poster DesignSally Kowanda

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