1973 – “Live like Pigs” by John Arden

Posted on: June 12, 1973

The Sawney’s, the last members of the begging tramps of the Elizabethan Era, are evicted from their tram wagon and moved into a regular home. While adapting into the post-war society proves impossible for them, they are also forced to accept that they can’t stay together either as the family ties begin to fray. Disintegration ensues.


An Official of the Local Housing DevelopmentBrian Cooper
The Sawneys
Big RachelEvelyn Wöhrer
RosieIngrid Pflüger
Sally, Rosie's daughterSusi Berger
Col, Rachel's sonHans Nerbl
Sailor SawneyRosie's Father
The Jacksons
Mrs JacksonKrista Rodin
Doreen, her daughterFlorentine Helbich-Poschacher
Mr JacksonHarro Decho
The Blackmouth Group
Blackmouth, Rosie's 'husband' and fathor of Sally and the infant GeordieF. J. Martin
The Old CroakerErica Lichtenberg
Daffodil, her daughterSylvia Figerl
A DoctorDorli Gruber
A Police SergeantErich Wild


DirectorAnn Patteson
Costumes and PropertiesDale Shumanski
Ballads set and sung byF. J. Martin
Stage DesignWerner Schmitz
Programme and AdvertisingEvelyn Lichtenberg
Make-upRoswitha Lofler

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