1972 – “The Governor’s Lady” by David Mercer & “Gallows Humour” by Jack Richardson

Posted on: January 12, 1972

The Governor’s Lady

This strange and elusive short play, which premiered in London in 1965, is about governors, gorillas and colonialism.
In a bungalow in Africa, Harriet is talking to her friend Charmian about her husband Gilbert as if he were still alive. She refuses to accept that he died of pneumonia six months ago, that he is no longer the Governor, and that the colony has become independent. Following Charmian’s visit, Harriet spends several days with a gorilla under the impression that it is her dead husband, who is smashing tea cups, eating only bananas, climbing on to the wardrobe, killing the one remaining servant, thus behaving in a manner which is rather more ape-like than his wife is accustomed to. For the reactionary Harriet, the impossibility of accepting the prevailing political and social reality leads to her breakdown into this astonishing fantasy.


Lady Harriet BoscoeRoswitha Schreilechner
Charmian MaudsleySusi Berger
AmolaEva Podlaha
Sir Gilbert BoscoeHerbert Peretti
John MaudsleyAdi Wimmer
Police SergeantRafael Nazario
DirectorIlse Lackenbauer

Gallows Humour

The play is divided in two loosely connected acts, of which only the first was performed by the drama group.
Walter, a former attorney, is about to be executed for murder. While he waits for his turn at the gallows he is allowed to spend time with Lucy – but instead of using his time with her in the way intended by the authorities he tells her all about his life and how it went wrong.


LucyEvelyn Wöhrer
WalterWolfgang Peschat
WardenRafael Nazario
DirectorChrisse Roccaro

Crew (both plays)

Set and StageWerner Schmitz & Co
CostumesKaren Hansen
Ulrike Ziegler
LightsUlf Prack
PropsGerlinde Kaserer
SoundNorbert Müller
Franz Hasenrader
Make-upRoswitha Löffler
ManagementMaria Berndt
AdvertisingMaria Berndt
Harro Decho
Krista Rodin
Carole Tierney
Ulf Prack
PhotographyUlf Prack
ProgrammeAdi Wimmer
Overall ManagementIlse Lackenbauer

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