1971 – “Loot” by Joe Orton

Posted on: January 12, 1971

Hal and Dennis are two young thieves who rob the bank next door to the funeral parlor where Dennis works. They decide to hide the loot at Hal’s home, as his mother has just died and the coffin seems to be the perfect hiding place. As Officer Truscott from the police arrives chaos ensues, with the corpse of Hal’s mother appearing all over the house as her coffin is occupied by the stolen money.


McLeavyWolfgang Peschat
FayIlse Lackenbauer
HalAdolf Wimmer
DennisFranz Hasenrader
TruscottHeinz Friedrich
MeadowsUlf Prack


ProducerRay Flanagan
Set-DesignerUlf Prack
Business ManagerMaria Berndt
Wolfgang Peschat
PublicityMonika Fasching
Sound EffectsNorbert Müller
LightingKarl Schimpl
PrompterMaria Berndt
PropsSylvia Prack
PhotographsFranz Hasenrader
Make-UpRoswitha Löfler
Programme NotesAdolf Wimmer
Ilse Lackenbauer

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