1969 – “Arms and the Man” by George Bernard Shaw

Posted on: June 1, 1969

The play is the first of Shaw’s “Plays Pleasant” and takes place in 1885 and 1886 in a small town in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian army led by Major Segius Saranoff has won over the Serbian army. Fleeing the battle Serbian officer Bluntschli seeks refuge in the bedroom of Raina Petkoff, who happens to be engaged to Major Saranoff. Raina hides the officer who then leaves the house.
A few months later Raina’s father and her fiance return from the war and bring with them a Serbian officer, who happens to be none other than Bluntschli. While confusion and mix-up ensue and relationships change. All ends in a double wedding between Raina and Bluntschli and Sergius and Raina’s maid Louka.


Captain BluntschliAdolf Wimmer
Major Sergius SaranoffHeinz Friedrich
Major PetkoffUlf Prack
Nicola (a servant)Gernot Pflüger
A Russian OfficerKlaus Zelewitz
Raina PetkoffAngelika Rohm
Catherine PetkoffSylvie Stehlik
Louka (their maid)Ilse Lackenbauer


ProducerStephen Curtis
Set-DesignerRobert Müller
Business ManagerWolfgang Peschat
Wardrobe MistressJanet Orson
Sound EffectsNorbert Müller
LightingKurt Krammer
Karl Schimpl
PrompterGerlinde Kaserer
Property MistressMarlis Haider
Make UpRobert Müller
PhotographsKurt Krammer
Programme NotesWilfried Wieden

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