1968 – “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams

Posted on: June 1, 1968

The play, an American classic, first produced in 1945, tells the story of the Wingfield family, living in a small apartment in St. Louis during the Depression in the mid-1930s. Amanda, faded Southern belle and domineering matriarch, abandoned by her husband, is trying to raise her two children Tom and Laura under harsh financial conditions.
Tom, a restless dreamer, feels both obligated towards yet burdened by his family and longs to escape. Laure, a shy girl with a limp, an inferiority complex and mentally fragile, dropped out of both high school and subsequent secretarial course and lives in a world of her own, spending most of her time polishing and arranging her collection of delicate glass animals and listening to records in lieu of social interaction.
Since Amanda worries about the future of her daughter, whom she wants to see well married, she urges Tom to bring home a “gentleman caller” for Laura. Tom’s workmate Jim, invited to dinner, is practically thrusted at Laura, which precipitates the girl’s final collapse.
The play concludes with Tom saying that he left home soon afterwards and never returned. He then bids farewell to his mother and sister and asks Laura to blow out her candles.


Amanda WingfieldSusanne Schaup
Laura, her daughterIlse Lackenbauer
Tom, her sonKlaus Zelewitz
Wilfried Wieden
Jim, a gentleman callerGernot Pflüger


Directed byIlltyd Perkins
Set and StageRobert Müller
Sound EffectsNorbert Müller
Alfred Ortmayer
LightingHelfried Nirschl
Kurt Krammer
Karl Schimpl
ProjectionWolfgang Morisse
assisted by Robert Müller
PhotographyVirgil Williams
PropertiesMarlis Haider
Costume DesignEdith Moser
PublicityWolfgang Peschat
Wolfgang Neckam
and others
PromptersSylvia Stehlik
Heidi Hilzensauer
Secretary and TreasurerWolfgang Peschat
Glass AnimalsThe Glass Animal Man, Brighton, Sussex, UK

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