1967 – “The American Dream” and “The Death of Bessie Smith” by Edward Albee

Posted on: June 11, 1967

The English Drama Group Salzburg formed as part of the English Institute of the University in 1967. This year saw the production of two plays.
These were two modern American plays by the dramatist Edward Albee.
“The American Dream”, a social comedy on the morals and attitudes of present day American society, and “The Death of Bessie Smith”, a melodrama which concerns itself with individuals in the southern staes of America immediately before World War II.

Cast - The American Dream

MommySusanne Stuppäck
DaddyWolfgang Morisse
Mrs. BarkerAnita Strebl
Young ManGernot Pflüger
GrandmaIlse Lackenbauer
Directed byCarys Jones

Cast - The Death of Bessie Smith

BernieGottfried R. Schneider
JackHans Wolf
NurseSusanne Schaup
FatherGerhardt Stürzlinger
OrderlyKlaus Zelewitz
Second NurseMonika Aigner
InternMario Sarcletti
Directed byIlltyd Perkins


LightsHelfried Nirschl
Kurt Krammer
SoundHans Stiegler
Set and Stage DesignRobert Miller
PropsFelix Lackner
Make-UpGottfried R. Schneider
CostumesEdda Lukas
Ticket Sales and Programme DesignJorica Perkins
Susanne Schaup
Bernard Brown
Wolfgang Neckam
Karin Lunzer
Illtyd Perkins

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