On this page you can see all the productions from our founding year 1967 up until our current production.

The years marked with an asterisk (*) are years were we have no information about whether a production took place or are unsure of the play  that was performed.


2018Noonday Demons (by Peter Barnes)
2018Doubt A Parable (by John Patrick Shanley)
2017Dearly Departed (D. Bottrell and J. Jones))
2017 Fake Shakespeare!!! (Xmas Performance))
2016On the Razzle (T. Stoppard))
2016 “Sonett! So Nett! So Ned!” (Xmas Performance))
2015Medea (Euripides))
2015 “Exposed: Secrets of the English Drama Group”(Xmas Performance))
2014The Taming of the Shrew (W. Shakespeare))
2014My Big, Fat, Greek, Explosive Drama Night (Xmas Performance))
2013Noises Off (M. Frayn))
2013Dinner for … more (Xmas Performance))
2012Keeping Tom Nice (L. Gannon))
2012A Wilde at Christmas (Xmas Performance))
2011Welfarewell (C. Delaney))
2010Henry’s Wives (A. Stratford))
2009What I did last Summer (A.R. Gurney))
2008The Merry Wives of Windsor (W. Shakespeare))
2007I Hate Hamlet (P. Rudnick)
After Juliet (S. Macdonald) – Production in collaboration with Akzente Salzburg)
2006Kindertransport (D. Samuels))
2005The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (S. Townsend))
2004Dead White Males (D. Williamson))
2003Under Milkwood (D. Thomas))
2002Chamber Music (A. Kopit))
2001Our Country’s Good (T. Wertenbaker))
2000Looking for Lysistrata )(Aristophanes))
1999The Winter’s Tale (W. Shakespeare)
1998Baby with the Bathwater (C. Durang))
1997Dancing at Lughnasa (B. Friel)
1996The Sea (E. Bond)
1995From Shakespeare with Love (medley from W. Shakespeare plays)
1994Transcending (D. Cragan)
Rites (M. Duffy)
1993My Children! My Africa! (A. Fugard)
1991A Slight Accident by James Saunders &
As Good as New by David Perry
1989Absurd Person Singular (A. Ayckborn)
1988*Polly Honeycombe (G. Colman)
1987The Real Inspector Hound (T. Stoppard)
1986Black Comedy (P. Shaffer)
1985Living Together (A. Ayckbourn)
1984The Mousetrap (A. Christie)
1983Death of Humpty Dumpty (G. Reid)
1982Blythe Spirit (N. Coward)
1981*Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (T. Williams
1980*The Importance of Being Earnest (O. Wilde)
1979Midsummer Mink (P. Coke)
1978Pygmalion (G.B. Shaw)
1977*The Playboy of the Western World (J. Synge)
1976Barnstable (J. Saunders)
The Man of Destiny (G.B. Shaw)
1975Juno and the Paycock (S. O’Casey)
1974Happy Birthday, Wanda June (K. Vonnegut)
1973Live Like Pigs (J. Arden)
1972Governor’s Lady (D. Mercer)
Gallow’s Humour (J. Richardson)
1971Loot (J. Orton)
1970The Crucible (A. Miller)
1969Arms and the Man (G.B. Shaw)
1968Glass Menagerie (T. Williams)
1967The Death of Bessie Smith (E. Albee)
The American Dream (E. Albee)


If you are a former member, relative or friend of a former member, or were in the audience that year and have some information or even photos for us (also from productions we already know took place, but especially with the early ones information and photos are hard to come by) please get in touch with us. You can find the contact for our director and webmasters in the impressum.