Month: May 1994

“Transcending” and “Rites” (1994)

David Cregan: “Transcending” This one-act play takes a critical look at family relationships within a conventional middle class framework, and draws attention to the inability to communicate effectively. It presents a satirical view of the traditional nuclear family, depicting the adults, usually supposed to command respect and authority, as figures of ridicule. All of them […]

Reviews: “Transcending” and “Rites” (1994)

David Cregan: “Transcending” and Maureen Duffy: “Rites”   Voll abgründiger Heiterkeit (Salzburger Nachrichten, 05/05/1994) “Bewundernswert, was die Darsteller und Darstellerinnen in der kühlen Atmosphäre des Markussaals mit minimalem technischen Aufwand und in spärlich angedeutetem Bühnenbild zuwege gebracht haben.”